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Strip curtain hanging plates

Strip curtain hanging plates

Price: £poa

Plastic strip curtain for walk in cold rooms

Plastic strip curtains for walkin cold rooms

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Strip curtain hanging plates

Strip Curtain hook-on-system

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PVC Sheet 1m by 20m.

PVC Sheet 1m by 20m

Price: £poa

PVC Strip Rolls 50m

PVC Strip Rolls 50m

Price: £poa

We offer a wide range of pvc strip  curtain welding screens for eye protection against UV light.  

PVC Strip Door Screen

Welding screen and work-booth systems have been designed for effective control of many workshop hazards. By surrounding or screening off the process with a welding screen, you can improve work areas, and safety within the workplace.

Welding screens and curtains provide a protective barrier between the welding area and general workplace where workers may be exposed to welding hazards. 

We have a complete line of welding screens that offer a safe, easy-to-install and effective solution for separating welding stations from other work areas. Welding curtains are available in several configurations to fit a variety of applications. A properly installed welding curtain or welding screen will help protect workers and the work area from the hazards associated with welding such as sparks, spatter and ultraviolet light.

Welding screens have effectively been used in various environments including Mechanical Training colleges / schools and universities, mechanical workshops and engineering facilities, welding warehouses and businesses, portable welders, home welding environments, trade training colleges and manufacturing facilities.


Protect both bystanders and the welder against the harmful radiation during welding work.


Welding bays
Oil and Gas
High Schools, TAFE’s
Manual Arts
Trade Training Centers
Every facility with a welding process


The traditional welding screen is a common workplace item but it is one that is often the cause of frustration. The thin PVC sheet is very fragile and tears or burns easily.



Generally manufacturing processes have a number of noisy sources. As UK industry becomes increasingly aware of Workplace Health and Safety and the benefits of an efficient environment, there is a greater need for quality/ innovative concepts to help eliminate the following risks; noise, welding flash, dust|fume|smoke, chemical splash, cross contamination and air flow. Our welding solutions to this industry are Welding screens, PVC screening to control noise, weather protection, dust, fume, smoke, temperature, contamination, insects and birds.


We have worked on numerous construction projects, providing engineering noise control solutions that are easy to handle and install. Solutions provided for this industry sector can be related to Environmental, Occupational or both.

Mine, Oil, Gas

Mining processes including oil and gas have a collection of high noise levels coming from sources such as water pumps, fans, compressors, blowers, conveyors or motors. Provided partitioning solutions for this industry that includes: Noise Barriers, Welding screens, PVC screening to control noise, weather protection, dust, fume, smoke, temperature, contamination, insects and birds.


Water Treatment Plants, Pump Stations and Desalination Plants have various noise emitting equipment, mainly evolving from pumps. 

Education / Trade Training Centres

Working with numerous Trade Training Centres and Schools to ensure the safety of students and teachers. Delivering the following solutions to this industry:Grinding Bays, Mobile Screens, Welding bays and Welding Screens, PVC Strip Curtains, free-flow strip curtains for pre-school.

Our long lasting and reliable welding strip curtains effectively replaces the traditionally fragile, easy to tear or burn PVC sheet weld curtains used across industry.

Protect your workers from exposure to dangerous welding light.

  • Innately strong and repairable for cost effective maintenance to accidental damage.
  • Hard wearing resistance to tearing or burning due to the 2mm thick strips and 1mm thick welding screen sheets.
  • Easy to install and remove individual strips in the event of welding screen strips become damaged.
  • Overlapping welding screen strips allow long fabrications to protrude right though the screen without compromising on protection.
  • Safety minded protection as the free hanging strips reliably fall back in place regardless of what goes through them.
Versatile applications for  Welding Screens
 and Welding Bays.

Welding Strip Curtains easily create static welding bays, mobile welding screens
, barrier for on-site or workshop use and replace ineffective torn sheet style curtains. All Welding Screen Curtains are prepared in complete kit form which includes:
  • Strip cut to length and hole punched.
  • Aluminium mounting track.
  • All required strip fixings.
  • and detailed installation instructions. 

Diverse Welding Screens mounting options
  • Standard Track: Weldflex screens are supplied as standard with the universal keyrail for strips to be mounted on.
  • Combing Rail: Optional stainless steel combing rail is ideal for corrosive areas.
  • Sliding Track: Unrestricted access strip curtains can be fitted to a sliding rail.

We offer static or mobile welding screens manufactured from strong galvanised steel construction and heavy duty castors for mobile welding screens suited to the rigours of demanding industrial workshops.

    Welding Screen Red

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