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Top Selling PVC Curtain

Strip curtain hanging plates

Strip curtain hanging plates

Price: £poa

Plastic strip curtain for walk in cold rooms

Plastic strip curtains for walkin cold rooms

Price: £poa

Strip curtain hanging plates

Strip Curtain hook-on-system

Price: £poa

PVC Sheet 1m by 20m.

PVC Sheet 1m by 20m

Price: £poa

PVC Strip Rolls 50m

PVC Strip Rolls 50m

Price: £poa

About Strip Curtain

Strip Curtain is intented to help people in the UK seeking PVC curtain find the best flexible transparent pvc strip door . At Strip Curtain you can easily obtain the best flexible transparent pvc strip door for you .

Strip Curtain aim to use the benefits of the internet to make your flexible transparent pvc strip door purchase decision bit easier and a bit cheaper.
flexible transparent pvc strip door
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Flexible plastic type PVC strip curtain strips have good transparency. It can stop the loss of cold air or warm air effectively and prevent the invasion of dust and ultraviolet. PVC strip curtain also reduce the dB value of noise, constrain noise from spreading and noise pollution. When used as partition screen, they create multifunctional compartments (operating field, offices and restrooms) without taking up any space, ensuring the most effective utilization of limited space and improving the comfort in the operation spaces and productivity.
Warehouse strip door curtains can be manufactured in six colors, pale green and pale blue is the international standard choices; clear strip pvc is the best choice for allowing good vision. We also have yellow, dark blue, dark green and brown in hand, we also can make special size according to your requirements.
Style can be flat for economy choice and ribbed for durability choice. Single ribbed and double ribbed door curtain are easier to separate after washing, it’s the best choice for Kitchen, Bakeries, Food / Meat Processing Units and other place where the need to wash warehouse or coldroom PVC strip door curtain often is required.
Usually we pack plastic strip curtain door and hook-on strup door hanging systems in shrink wrap plastic and for rolls of 50m pvc strip rolls in plastic on a pallet, and then packed to the pallets to meet transport facility. We also can design carton boxes and Non-fumigation boxes for special need in order to avoid damage through transport.
For the inner dimension of the rolls, our standard is 68mm; we also can design for your needs
Very Light Duty
Used in areas with very light pedestrian traffic or fragile goods, and light industrial doorways.
Light Duty, Pedestrian and pallet trolley access, for wind and dust exclusion areas. Commonly used in food processing industries and for internal wall and doorway separation.
Medium Duty
used in outdoor or indoor conditions where requiring contamination exclusion. Pallet trolleys, light fork lift and pedestrian use.
Heavy Duty
outdoor or indoor conditions requiring significant weather/environmental exclusion and heavy/frequent pedestrian and fork lift traffic
Polar PVC Strip Curtain
Brief Introduction
Polar PVC strip curtain remain highly soft even at 50 Celsius below zero, allowing easy passing of people, vehicles and goods and effectively preventing loss of cold air. Polar PVC sheet is a good choice for to save energy because they do not contain electric drive. Polar door curtain for coldstore strip curtain doors do not have action component and do not produce noise during service. Cool strip door curtain has been designed from market experience and has been proved in independent tests to up to 50% of energy costs, while helping retail chill cabinets meet statutory temperature controls.
Polar door curtain are available in a range of colors, such like pale green, pale blue and clear. Blue is the most popular color in usages. If you used in the dark environment, just like cold rooms strip door curtain, clear color is the best choice.
PVC Strip Curtain door UK has three styles of PVC strip door curtain, Smooth, Single Ribbed and Double Ribbed. The strip door curtain used is dependent on the applications. PVC strips with raised ribbing on both sides are available offering improved durability enabling them to withstand repeated impact from heavy traffic such as forklift trucks.
Polar grade PVC strip curtains are an option for Cold storage, Cold Stores, Refrigerated doorways, Deli-Counters, Chiller Cabinets, Cold rooms and most retail refrigeration situations. Usually 50% overlap, fixed stainless steel rail & hook on strips - either 200 x 2mm or 300 x 3mm.

PVC Sheet
Brief Introduction
Wide width soft boards, a high-quality plastic-rubber foam composite material, clear and transparent, with smooth surface and uniform color, free from cracks or bubbles. It features high withstand capacity to heat and coldness, high resistance to strong acids and alkali, hard pressure, impact, stretch, ageing and has good antistatic property, high transparency and life service life.
RAC Kettering range of PVC Curtain doors are available in a comprehensive range of colors, including Green, Yellow, Red and Clear. (Please note that color availability may change depending on curtain weight and thickness. Please contact us for availability).
The main type for table use and workshop use are flat surface, you can cut to any size as you’re needed, we have the super width up to 1800mm, which meet almost all the applications.
PVC sheet finds wide applications in electronic, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and garment industries and can be used as workbench top, machine surface and desktop.
How to order?
Step 1: Determine your PVC strip curtain door specifications.
We will need to know PVC strip widths, height, thickness, style and applications
Step 2: Determine your hanger and holder specifications (if applicable).
For each hook-on system, we need know the length of hangers you needed.
Step 3: Send us the above information.
You can use our quote request forms or make your own form. You can fax, email or call in your list.
*The PVC strip curtain must be used in required ranges and temperatures.
     *When it is pressed, please open/close any valve slowly to avoid the form of shock pressure and damage the door curtain.
     *PVC strip curtain will have little expansion and contraction with the change of its international pressure. Please cut the PVC strip curtain in the length a littler longer than needed in your use.
     *Please don't keep the PVC strip directly near naked flame.
     *Please don't put our non-food PVC strip curtain into the production and processing of food products, supplying drinking water, cooking or washing foods.
     *All used door curtain should be suitable for usages. Please consult our company when you are not sure whether the door curtain is suitable to your requirements.
Cautions for Assembly
     *Please select proper metallic joint to assemble the strip curtain.
     *To insert the PVC strip in to the holders of the hook-on system, no fire permitted. If the holders fails to be inserted into the strip, warm the hose with hot water, then insert.
Cautions for Inspections
     *Before door curtain is used, please confirm it appears no abnormal (hardening, softening, discoloration), etc
     *During the regular service of the PVC strip curtain, please give regular inspection monthly.
     *The service life of the door curtain is subject to the property, temperature, velocity of flow and pressure of fluid to a large extent. Please stop using as soon as finding any abnormal phenomenon during inspection and regular inspection, repair it or replace it
Cautions for storage
     *Products must be stored in cool, dry places with temperature ranging between -10℃ and 20℃, sheltered from the sun and free from ozone, etc.
     *Avoid contact with hydrocarbons, solvents, acids and alkalis.
     *Please don't keep PVC strip directly contact or near naked flame.
Cautions for disuse
     *Please don't burn it. Burning the PVC strip curtain will damage the furnace and produce noisome gases. Please treat the door curtain as industrial waste.
     *Please treat it according to the regional requirements.
Insect Proof PVC Strip Curtain

 Brief Introduction
Windows in commercial food preparation areas need to comply with the latest food and Hygiene Regulations by fitting a screen which prevents the entry of insects, birds and other infestations. Insect-Proof PVC strip curtain is an ideal solution for anywhere that insects aren't welcome. Insect proof PVC strip curtain made with a specially formulated repellent material that wards off insects. Sanitation authorities are highly concerned with the hygiene conditions of food and drug handling areas.
Yellow is the only color available in proof insect. It emits special light which dispels insects.
Considering the special usage of insect-proof PVC strip, we suggested to use the smooth surface to meet the requirements of nice-look, easy-clear, for different application place, please contact us for more suggestion.
Ideal solutions for:
- Back doors of restaurants;
- Personnel doors at commercial and manufacturing locations;
- Open air concessions at parks, sports arenas and other outdoor facilities;
- Any open area where flying insects are a pest;
Welding PVC Strip Curtain Doors
 Brief Introduction
 Tinted transparent PVC strip curtains are designed to save energy, protect workers, and reduce noise in warehouse and  factory applications. Specifically designed for doors that enclose areas where welding is being performed. Its tinted color helps reduce the incidental effects of bright, ultra violet light from welding arcs. Sparks bounce off the thick material, yet it is transparent enough to allow supervisors and others to view the welding area.
For welding booths and mobile welding screens, weld Strip comes in three colors: Dark Bronze, Dark Green & Ultra Violet Red.
Style can be flat for economy choice and ribbed for clear choice. Ribbed and wide ribbed PVC strip are easier to wash, but it doesn’t influence the durable performance, all our products are guarantee for 5 years.
Welding PVC strip curtain designed to protect individuals from ultraviolet radiation, sparks, and spatter. Great for traffic areas where need to be accessed regularly but still require protection. Appropriate eye protection must still be worn. It will help protects workers from Welding area, Flash burns and UV light.
Hook-on system Strip Curtain Doors
This type Suspension hardward is most popular type of hanging system. The stainless steel  or galvanised Hanging Rails are fixed onto the underside or facing side of the door frame / beam support. We recommend this system for light industrial applications where there is manual pallet movement & occasional fork lift trucks traffic etc.

How many strip curtain you can butted to the hangers


Width of
PVC strip curtain
Length of hangers
Number of strips
overview of Over lop


50mm is just the standard size, you can enlarge it according to your usage.
What’s one set mean?
Stainless Steel Suspension Plate Set 2 plates per set, including one hanger and one set holders. The length of hanger can make according to your requirements, the different is the hole in the holders. Please see details below,

Holders for
200mm width PVC strip

Holders for
300mm width PVC strip

Holders for
400mm width PVC strip

How to install the PVC strip curtain?
1. Cutting
Measure the size of door and cut the PVC strip curtain accordingly. Make sure the angle is 90 degree; Be carful with the cutter
2. Punch hole
a) Pushing holes in one side of PVC strip curtain
b) 200mm width door curtain need 3 holes
c) 300mm width door curtain need 4 holes
3. Install holders
a) Butt holders to the PVC strip with Screw.
b) Make sure the angle between strip and holders is 90 degree
4. Install hangers
a) Choice the best tool to punch hole according to the material of wall
b) If the hangers need to cut for special use, make sure you have remove the flash before installation.
5. Install holders to hangers
6. Butt odd holders firstly, and then even holders.
What’s our value added services for this products?
 ◆Special package: if your quantity is bigger and you are worried about the safe in the transport, we can book wood box for you (Non-fumigation boxes and pallets)
 ◆ Special Length: we have full set cutting machines; we can make any length according to your requirements. Tell us the width of your door, we will show the best one set choice

Icecape Ltd strip door curtain specializing in developing, manufacturing, exporting PVC Strip Curtain and related hook-on hardware. Our company has skilled workers including pvc strip curtain technicians. The construction area is 6000ft2 of total 10000 ft2. We pride ourselves as one of the biggest PVC strip curtain manufacturers in the UK.

Industry as the International department locates in Kettering, Northanptonshire and has convenient transport facilities. We believe that we will establish long-term good business relationships through discussion and cooperation.

Information of our workshop
      Extrusion production lines, we can offer almost all types PVC strip curtain, super width is up to 1.80mm.
     Full set testing machines, all of us PVC strip curtain serious meets EN71 standard and Rosh standards. No small, no crake, no paraffin.
     Full set rolling machines, our standard inner roller core is 70mm, we also can make inner core up to 300mm in order to help you protect the products’ performance.
     Our entire PVC strip can be packed in carton box or wooden box according to your requirements, which will avoid destroy in transport.

PVC strip curtain size
We can supply door curtain cut to your desired length to save you time on site
2mm to 4mm
Rolls of 50 m
200mm - 300mm - 400mm - 1000mm - 1200mm
5mm to 7mm
Rolls of 30 m
8mm to 10 m
Rolls of 10 m
Special Width: up to 1800mm
10 m to 12 m
Sheets of 1m
Thickness over 4mm: 1000m(max)
Manufacturing Tolerance
Thickness (mm)
Width (mm)
Length (Mtr)
Single Ribbed
Double ribbed
Main Physical Indexes of the PVC Strip curtain
Light Transmittance
%(thickness 2.5mm)
80 min
Tensile strength
20 min
Elongation at break
200 min
Heat Treatment Dimension Change
% @ 80 Celsius 12 hours
Crosswise 1.2max
Lengthwise 2.0max
Bedding Property under Low Temperature
20 Celsius Below zero
No creak
Withstanding Voltage
under 10 KV min
No arcing



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